Welcome to our Dream World!


Here you’ll find a place for inSomnia’s new and old to meet, talk and share, and of course express our affection and appreciation for the wonderful ladies of Dreamcatcher.


Things you’ll find on this site:


Contests, Giveaways & Auctions: Here you will find just that, any Contests, Giveaways, Promotions and Auctions I’m doing. You’ll find details on them here, as well as how to participate.


Projects Page: Here you’ll find information on all the Fan Projects and Personal Projects that I have going, and how you can can participate or contribute to those that are available.


Blog & Updates Page: Here you’ll find my random thoughts, as well as site updates, fan-base updates, or updates to the various accounts we have. minor project updates may be posted here as well.


Donation Page: Where you can contribute to help support the site, current or future projects, or if you just want to. 🙂 Donations are always welcome, and are always voluntary, at no time will donating (or not donating) ever effect what services and features are available.  Everyone gets access everything for free regardless.


Store Page: Here you will find various items I’ll be selling, whether it be items promoting the website, Dreamcatcher themed items I have made myself, artwork, etc.


Fan Contributions Page: Here is where I will be showcasing and promoting fan art, fan stories, and all other kinds of fan submissions.



Other Places to find us around the Internet:

FaceBook Page: InSomnia’s Dream World and Group

YouTube Channel: InSomnia’s Dream World



More features will be coming as we go along and grow.


Why is this a membership site?

The main reason, was to limit as much as possible the spam and ad bots and such that were showing up on the various discussion boards and comment sections I had seen elsewhere.



Membership of course is free, and will always be free.  While most site features are available without registering, doing so will allow commenting on posts.



There will never be ads (there may be the occasional link or two to the developers of some software used to make the site, but at no time will you be forced or asked to click them) on this site, or any other form of outside (third-party) monetization.


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Any questions or comments? I am always glad to answer what I can or hear from people, just use the Contact link at the bottom of any page. 🙂