Contests, Giveaway’s and Auctions


Once in awhile we’ll be running contests and giveaway’s either to celebrate special occasions, or sometimes, just as a way of thanks for being a part of this community.  Contests and giveaway’s sponsored and run by this site will always be found here on this page.

We will also be running auctions every now and then, usually as a form of fundraising for special events, promotions, charities etc.. These will all be run through our Ebay page, and will be posted here for easy tracking and monitoring.

Have fun, and as always, thanks for stopping by, and for thanks for being amazing and supporting the amazing ladies of Dreamcatcher.


Contests and Giveaways

Coming Soon Contests/Giveaways

To be announced after current giveaway completes…


Current Contest/Giveaway:



Previous Contests/Giveaways:

Website Re-Launch Giveaway!

This will be a two week giveaway, the prizes being:

1x ‘What’ album and 3x ‘PIRI’ albums (one of each version, 2 unopened, 1 opened and with random photocard.

All prizes will be randomly awarded to the 4 randomly selected winners.

InSomnia’s Dream World Launch Contest

After a great show of support from all you amazing inSomnia’s out there the contest was a big hit in my opinion. 🙂  And thank you all so much for the love and support in making our first contest so much fun. Can’t wait to start the next one.



Contest Prizes


Andrew P., USA – Winner of the ‘Escape the Era’ Poster

patpat2, Italy –Winner of the ‘Escape the Era’ album (Before version)

Carla C., Brazil – Winner of the ‘Alone in the City’ Poster

Victoria C., Brazil – Winner of the ‘Alone in the City’ Album (Light version)

Again Congratulations to everyone. 🙂



As auctions are held you will find their information here, and information on how to participate.