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Information on Donations


While this site is not here with the main intention of making money, I have included this donation page at the request of a few people.  At no time will donating ever be required, nor will doing so, or not, change or effect any of the features available on the site.  Everything needed for this site and it’s maintenance is already taken care of, so there is no need to worry about that.  Access and use of the site will always be free to everyone, and just as there are no limitations applied for not donating, to be fair, there are no incentives or rewards given to those who do donate, other than a big thank you, of course. 🙂 there is no amount specified, if you choose to donate, you are free to enter whatever amount you like.


If you do decide to donate, an early big thanks from me, and you can use the link button below.  It will open up a secured link to PayPal where the transaction will complete.