Projects Page:

This page will detail the various projects that we currently have going on, both Fan projects ( those open to all InSomnia’s to participate in) and Personal Projects (Those that I am doing on my own, but wish to share with everyone). the final section will be a list of past Completed Projects and their follow up details (Nothing to put here yet, but soon.)

Fan Projects:

“InSomnia’s Love Dreamcatcher” Photo Collage/Mosaic

This fan project’s goal is to present the members with a large poster with the words “InSomnia’s Love Dreamcatcher” in big print on it, and with it being a photo mosaic poster, the words will be made up of lots of smaller photos.


Those smaller photos will be of fans holding up signs they have made saying “I Love Dreamcatcher”, or photos of the signs they have made in locations or scenes that are representative of who they are. This can be a special place or the sign surrounded by things special to the fan, whatever they want as long as its creative.


After enough photos are received an end date for collecting photos will be given.  After that date, all the photos will be used to create a collage/mosaic poster saying “InSomnia’s Love Dreamcatcher”. the more pictures we can get the bigger the poster will be.


Along with the poster will be a wall plaque to be displayed alongside it.  The plaque will have etched onto it the name and country of everyone whose photo appears in the poster.  There will a small magnifying glass as well, so they can see all the photos used.


Arrangements have already been made with a local print-shop to make the poster and etch the plaque, so nothing else needs to be done other than collect the pictures.  Once the poster and plaque are ready, it will be shipped to the Happy Face headquarters along with a letter explaining the project to be presented to the members.

Here is an example of a photo mosaic, this one I made using roughly 2000 images/frames from the ‘You and I’ MV to make the picture. 🙂

DC Mosaic 1

The forms to participate in the project are here:

English Form

Portuguese Form



Personal Projects:

Dreamcatcher Custom Music Box Project

Background and Goals

So the initial idea was to create a set of hand carved boxes, “Memory Boxes” as they are referred to in my families culture. The boxes are meant to be given to a loved one, and then they put items that are representative of important memories to them, of important events in their lives. These items can be anything, a leaf, a stamp, a piece of paper, a coin, anything.

As mentioned, these are normally made, and then given to family members or close loved ones. The idea behind making them is that only the person giving the box is supposed to touch or handle the materials during construction, and do any work on them, and that during the construction, they are to keep their thoughts and feelings focused on the person who will be receiving it. For this project that meant that not only did I keep a picture of each girl out for me to focus on, but I kept a playlist up of various videos of them singing or just being themselves. Not a bad way to spend your time, if you ask me.

So I started by planing out the basics and getting materials together, I wanted to build one for each of them, and then a larger box that can be used to store and display all of them. Sounds simple so far, right? Well, we can’t leave it there. I decided that along with the display box I would also make a hand carved wood bound book for making a kind of timeline/history of the girls and the group. Something to show all the achievements and memorable moments in their lives and careers. So at this point I was looking at seven individual boxes, a larger display box, and then making the cover and binding for the book….but I just couldn’t stop there, once the ideas started coming, they just didn’t stop.

The next thing that I decided, was that I couldn’t just do boxes, these girls deserved something a bit more than just a box, so I decided to incorporate a project I had worked on a few years ago. I had designed some simple MP3 player circuits for a client, and I still had the notes and schematics in my notebook, so I pulled them out and did a bit of rework on the design, and contacted my parts supplier and within a couple of weeks had all the parts needed, and some new circuit boards, and now I had everything I needed to build some custom music boxes for them.


So the first step was to get the blank boxes put together so that I could design how each would be carved. I didn’t really take any pictures or video of the basic build process, there’s really nothing special or different about it, a lot of it is just repetition of similar procedures. I did take a picture of the finished blank boxes as well as the bare circuit board and parts just to show a reference, but most of the pics and video will be done during the carving of the boxes and building of the circuit boards.

project boxes
Boxes and circuit board

Dreamcatcher inspired “Explore the Nightmare” Video Game

Background and Goals

So I have had this idea for quite some time, but it wasn’t really until ‘What’ was released that I really started looking into the concept and putting ideas down on paper. And so this is some of what I’ve come up with so far, but I think it’s enough that I have decided to make it a real project to start working on.

So the idea is, that the game would be broken up into several chapters, ideally one for each of the videos in the Nightmare series. The first would be based on the ‘Chase Me’ MV, of course, being the debut video.

In it, you would take on the role of the nameless “Nightmare Hunter” as you explore and investigate a reportedly haunted hotel. As you explore you discover clues and information revealing what is going on, and things that fill in some of the back story and hint at more things to come.

The games would be released as chapters, each one continuing the story as the MV’s did, with Good Night being the next, followed by a prequel game in the way Fly High was, and then leading into You and I.

Each game would incorporate not only information from the theories about the videos, but from the songs as well, including the b-side tracks.

The game itself would be in the style of 16 bit pixel art rpgs like those that were on the Super Nintendo/Famicon.It would be a top down, 45 degree perspective (think games like Link to the Past, or Final Fantasy III (or VI in Japan))

As for game play, it will be more focused on puzzles and exploration than combat, no random encounters and such.  When combat takes place it will be because it’s relevant to the story and/or is required for story/plot progression.  A great example, and to be honest one of the major inspirations for this game idea, is the game Corpse Party.

As more progress is made I will be posting screenshots, story board photos and of course game play videos.  Right now I am still writing the script for the first chapter, so it may be a while before i get to the actual programming of the game.  It doesn’t help too much that at the moment, I am doing all of these projects at the same time, and doing them solo. 🙂