Recommended Links and Social Media

Here I’ll be listing and showcasing not just links to our own social media accounts and other places we reside around the internet, but also the various links, pages and accounts of the group and companies involved with Dreamcatcher and those places that I feel should be recognized and supported in/for their efforts in helping our girls succeed and see their dreams come true.

Important Websites:

Happy Face Entertainment (aka Dreamcatcher Company):

Twitter, Facebook, V-Live, YouTube and Navar

The company responsible for forming Dreamcatcher (Formerly MINX), as well as several other groups (Dal Shabet and D1CE (Formerly HNB) as well as representing many other independent and solo artists, actors/actresses and other entertainers as well as producing for many others.


Dreamcatcher Official Site:

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

Homepage of the Korean girl group Dreamcatcher.  Here you’ll find not only any special announcements from the group themselves, but any important news or updates regarding them or any of their partners or sponsors.



Kakao, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Medium

Providing a platform for Idols/Artists to connect with their fans, and through the use of Tokens (a form of crypto currency created by them to help fans support their favorite Idols/Artists and groups) Created the DRC Token for Dreamcatcher.



Twitter, tumbler, YouTube,

An International Dreamcatcher fansite.  Famous for providing subtitles to the groups videos, whether the official music videos, or their V-Lives, or Notes, and to their various social media posts.  This fansite is also a great source of news regarding the group and their parent company, and just Korean music events in general.